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INVENTORY - PSYCHOLOGY – Mass Market Paperbacks Books

( the Mind / Brain, Emotions, Therapy, Therapists, Psychoanalysis, Hypnosis,

Insanity, Freud, Mental illness, Theory, Life & Death, Schizophrenic, Sleep,

Personality, Human Behavior, Brainwashing ) For Sale;

ABRAHAMSEN, DR. DAVID – The Road to Emotional Maturity;

ADCOCK, C.J. - Fundamentals of Psychology;

AGEL, JEROME (ed.) - The Radical Therapist: the Radical Therapist Collective (Therapy Means Change not Adjustment.);

ALTSCHUL, A. - Psychology for Nurses;

ALVAREZ, A. - The Savage God: a Study of Suicide;

ANTHONY, JOSEPH – The Invisible Curtain (Based on the Psychoanalytic Cases of Louis Montgomery);

ARGYLE, MICHAEL – The Psychologyof Interpersonal Behaviour;

ARNOLD, MAGDA B. (ed) – The Nature of Emotion;

ARTHUR, RANSOM J. - An Introduction of Social Psychiatry;

BAKER, RACHEL – Sigmund freud for Everybody;

BARMASH, ISADORE – The World is Full of It (How we are oversold, overinfluenced, and overwhelmed by the communications manipulators.);

BARNET, CYBELLE – The Hypnatic I (Success in the unconscious mind.);

BATESON, GREGORY – Steps to an Ecology of Mind (Man's understanding of himself.);

BECKER, ERNEST – The Denial of Death (The Impact of the knowledge of Death on man.);

BERG, DR. LOUIS – Psychiatry for Every Man (A basic guide to an understanding of your mind and emotions.);

BERNE, DR. ERIC – Games People Play: the Psychology of Human Relationships; *** A Layman's Guide to Psychology and Psychoanalysis;

BIRNS, H.D. - Hypnosis: How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind Without Drugs;

BORGER, ROBERT/ SEABORNE, A.E.M. - The Psychology of Learning;

BRENNER, DR. CHARLES – An Elementary textbook of Psychoanalsis;

BRILL, DR. A.A. - Basic Principles of Psychoanalysis;

BROMLEY, D.B. - The Psychology of Human Ageing;

BROWN, J.A.C. - The Social Psychology of Industry *** Techniques of Persuasion: From Propaganda to Brainwashing;

BROTHERS, DR. JOYCE – Woman (Looks at Women, Love & Life.);

CAPRIO, DR. FRANK S./ BERGER, JOSPH R. - Helping Yourself with Self-Hypnosis;

CARREL, ALEXIS – Man, the Unknown (In terms of his mental & physical make-up.);

CHESLER, PHYLLIS – Women and Madness (The damage that psychiatry has done to women.);

CHOWN, SHEILA M. (ed.) - Human Ageing;

COOPER, DAVID – The Death of the Family (Astringent critique of the concepts & structure of the familial situation.); *** The Grammar of Living: an Examination of Politial Acts;

CORK, R. MARGARET – The Forgotten Children (How parental alcoholism affects children.);

CREWS, FREDERICK C. - The Pooh Perplex (The true meaning of Winnie the Pooh.);

DAY, HARVEY – Handbook of Hypnosis;

DE BONO, EDWARD – The Mechanism of Mind; *** Practical Thinking (How the mind actually works.); *** Teaching Thinking; *** The Use of Lateral Thinking;

DE KRUIF, PAUL – A Man Against Insanity (Biography of Dr. Jack Ferguson who found his way back from insanity);

DIAMOND, EDWIN – The Science of Drearms;

DREVER, JAMES – A Dictionary of Psychology

EHRENWALD, DR. JAN (ed.) - From Medicine Man to Freud (An anthology of man's battle against mental illness.);

EIDELBERG, DR. LUDWIG – Take Off Your Mask (Behind the Closed doors of a psychoanalyst's consultation room.);

ELLEN, ARTHUR/ JENNINGS DEAN – The Intimate casebook of a Hypnotist (How to overcome addiction);

ENGEL, BEVERLY – The Right to Innocence: Healing the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse;

ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Identity; Youth and Crisis;

EYSENCK, H.J. - Fact and Fiction in Psychology *** Psychology is About People; *** Sense and Nonsense in Psychology *** Uses and Abuses of Psychology

FIELD, JOANNA – A Life of One's Own (Conditions for Obtaining Happiness and a Personal Standard of Values.);

FLETCHER, PETER – Emotional Problems;

FLUGEL, J.C. - Man, Morals and Society;

FORD, JOHN H. - Husband and Father;

FORDHAM, FRIEDA – An Introduction to Jung's Psychology

FORER, DR. LUCILLE/ STILL, HENRY – The Birth Order factor (Personality theory);

FOSS, BRIAN M. (ed.) - New Horizons in Psychology

FOULKES, S.H./ ANTHONY, E.J. - Groups Psychotherapy: the Psychoanalytic Approach;

FRANKL, VIKTOR E. - Man's Search For Meaning; an Introduction to Logotherapy;

FREEMAN, LUCY/ GREENWALD, DR. HAROLD – Emotional Maturity in Love and Marriage;

FREEMAN, LUCY – Fight Against Fears: a Very Personal Account of a Woman's Psychoanalysis; *** Hope for the Troubled; *** Search for Love (Problems of Modern Man); *** with SMALL, MARVIN – The Story of Psychoanalysis;

FREESE, DR. ARTHUR S. - How Hypnosis Can Help You: Your Complete Guide to Hypnosis and Selp-Hypnosis;

FREUD, SIGMUND – Dictionary of Psychoanalysis; *** A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis; *** A General Selection from the Works of Sigmund Freud; *** His Dreams and Sex Theories; *** The History of the Psychanalytic Movement; *** The Origin and Development of Psychoanalysis; *** Psychopathology of Everyday Life; *** Totem and Taboo;

FRIDAY, NANCY – My Mother my Self (A woman's relationship to her mother and it's impact.);

FRIEDMAN, DR. LAWRENCE – Psy-cho-a-nal'-y-sis; Uses and Abuses;

FRIEDRICH, OTTO – Going Crazy: an Inquiry into Madness in our Time;

FROMM, ERICH – Greatness and Minitations of Freud's Thought; *** The Heart of Man: its Genius for Good and Evil;

GHISELIN, BREWSTER (ed.) - The Creative Process;

GIBSON, WILLIAM C. - Therapeutic Self-Hypnosis;

GINOTT, DR. HAIM G. - Teacher and Child: a Book for parents and Teachers;

GLASSER, DR. WILLIAM – Mental Health or Mental Illness?; Psychiatry for Prctical Action; *** Reality Therapy; A New approach to Psychiatry;

GLOVER, EDWARD – The Psychology of Fear and Courage;

GOBLE, FRANK G. - The Third Force, the Psychology of Abraham Maslow; The Science of Self-Actualization;

GORDON, DAVID COLE – Overcoming the fear of Death;

GREENWALD, HAROLD (ed.) - Great Cases in Psychoanalysis;

HADFIELD, J.A. - Childhood and Adolescence; *** with NORDBY, VERNON J. - A Primer of Jungian Psychology;

HARTOGS, DR. RENATUS/ FANTEL, HANS – Four Letter Word Games; the Psychology of Obscenity;

HAYS, PETER – New Horizons in Psychology;

HENDIN, HERBERT/ GAYLIN, WILLARD/ CARR, ARTHUR – Psychoanalsis and Social Research: the Psychoanalytic Study of the Non-Patient;

HINTON, JOHN – Dying (The Rational and Irrational Emotions);

HUNDON, LIAM – Contrary Imaginations: a Psychological Study of the English Schoolboy;

HUNTER, I.M.L. - Memory: Facts and Fallacies;

IRWIN, ANN – Stammering: Pactical Help for All Ages;

JABAY, EARL – Search for Identity;

JANOV, DR. ARTHUR – The Anatomy of Mental Illness; *** The Primal Scream – Primal Therapy: The Cure for Neurosis;

JASTROW, JOSEPH – Freud: His Dream and Sex Theories;

JEFFERSON, LARA – These are my Sisters: a Journal from the Inside of Insanity;

JOURARD, SIDNEY M. - The Transparent Self;

JUNE, CARL G. (ed.) - Man and His Symbols; *** Modern Man in Search of a Soul;

KAVANAUGH, ROBERT E. - Facing Death;

KEENAN, JAMES – Self-Help Through Self Hypnosis;

KENNEDY, EUGENE C. - The Pain of Being Human;

KEY, WILSON BRYAN – The Clam-Plate Orgy: and Other Subliminal Techniques for Manipulating your Behavior (with photos); *** Meia Sexploitation (with photos); *** Subliminal Seduction (with photos);

KNIGHT, JOHN – The Story of my Psyoanalysis;

KOESTLER, ARTHUR – The Act of Creation (The artistic and scientific faculties of man.);

KOHLER, WOLFGANG – Gentalt Psychology: an Introduction to New Concepts in Modern Psychology;

KUBLER-ROSS, ELISABETH – On Death and Dying (What the Dying Have to teach doctors, nurses, clergy and their own families.); *** Questions and Answers on Death and Dying;

KYTLE, ELIZABETH – The Voice of Robby Wilde (True story of a schizophrenic);

LAING, R.D. - The Divided Self (Schizophrenia); *** The Politics of Experience/ The Bird of Paradise; *** with ESTERSON, A. - Sanity, Madness and the Family; *** Self and Others (Patterns of Interaction between people);

LANGONE, JOHN – Death is a Noun: a View of the End of Ife

LAZARRE, JANE – The Mother Knot (The Dilemmas of contemporary motherhood.);

LECRON, LESLIE M. - Self Hypnotism: the Technique and its Use in Daily Living;

LEPP, IGNACE – The Psychology of Loving;

LILLY, DR. JOHN C. - The Center of the Cyclone: and Autobiography of Inner Space;

LINDNER, ROBERT – The Fifty Minute Hour (A Collection of True Psychoanalytic tales);

LINTON, RALPH – The Cultural Background of Personality;

LOWEN, DR. ALEXANDER – Depression and the Body: the Biological Basis of Faith and Reality;


LYONS, BETTY (ed.) - Three Women Alone (Exploration into the Dimensions of women living alone);

MACE, C.A. - The Psychology of Study;

MACHLOWITZ, MARILIYN – Workaholics: Living with Them, Working with Them;

MACKWORTH, JANE F. - Vigilance and Habituation (The Growing links between Psychology & Neurphysiology);

MALTZ, DR. MAXWELL – Doctor Pygmalion (Plastic surgeon on mending people's lives as well as their bodies.);

MARCUSE,F.L. - Hypnosis: Fact and Fiction;

MARKS, ROBERT W. (ed.); - Great Ideas in Psychology;

MAY, ROLLO (ed.) - Existential Psychology;

MCBRAYER, JAMES T. - The Key to Hypnotism Simplified (Illustrated);

McLUHAN, MARSHALL/ FIORE, QUENTIN – The medium is the Massage: an Inventory of Effects;

McLUHAN, MARSHALL – Understanding Media: the Extensions Of Man;

MENNINGER, DR. KARL – Whatever Became of Sin? (New Hope for real emotional Health through true moral values);

MILNER, PETER/ GLICKMAN, STEPHEN (eds.) - Cognitive Processes and the Brian;

MONTAGU, ASHLEY – The natural Superiority of Women;

MOOLMAN, VALERIE – The Meaning of Your Dreams;

MORRIS, DESMOND – Intimate Behaviour;

NEWLAND, COSTNACE A. - My Self and I (One woman's experiment with LSD-25);

NICHOLS, JACK – Man's Liberation: a New Definition of Masculinity;

NUTTIN, JOSEPH – Psychoanalysis and Personality: a Dynamic Theory of Normal Personality;

O'NEIL, W.M. - The Beginnings of Modern Psychology;

ORFORD, JIM – The Psychology of Mental Disorder;

OSWALD, IAN – Sleep (The Study of Sleep);

OUSPENSKY, P.D. - The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution;

PALMER, STUART – Understanding Other People;

PACKARD, VANCE – the Hidden Persuaders (What makes us buy, believe andeven vote the way we do );

PETERSON, SEVERIN – A Catalog of the ways People Grow;

PETRIE, SIDNEY -/ STONE, ROBERT B. - What Modern Hypnotism can Do For You;

PFEIFFER, DR. CARL C. - The Schizophrenias: Your and Mine;

PIZZORNO, ALESSANDRO (ed.) - Political Sociology;

POLSTER, ERVING & MIRIAN – Gestalt Therapy Integrated: Contours of Theory and Practice;

RAINWATER, LEE/ COLEMAN, RICHARD, RICHARD P./ HANDEL, GERALD – Workingman's Wife: Her Personality, World and Life Style;

RESTLE, FRANK – Mathematical Models in Psychology: an Introduction;

ROBBE, TERRI/ SCHANZER, KARL – Self-Hypnosis: Your Key to Successful Living;

ROGERS, CARL R. - Encounter Groups; *** with STEVENS, BARRY – Person to Person: the Problem of Being Human;

RUBIN, DR. THEODORE ISAAC – Shrink! The Diary of a Psychiatrist;


SAGARIN, EDWARD – The Anatomy of Dirty Words;

SAPIRSTEIN, DR. MILTON – Paradoxes of Everyday life (patterns of conflicts in human bahovior);

SARGENT, WILLIAM – Battle for the Mind ( The mechanics of indoctrination, brainwashing and thought control.);

SAVA, GEORGE – Strange Cases (Mysteries of the mind.);

SCHEFLEN, ALBERT E. - How Behavior Means;

SCHWARZ, OSWALD – The Psychology of Sex;

SEMEONOFF, BORIS (ed.) - Personality Assessment;

SHEEHY, GAIL – Passages: Predictable Crisis of Adult Life;

SKINNER, B.F. - Beyond Freedom and Dignity;

SKURNIK, LARRY S./ GEORGE FRANK - Psychology and Everyman;

SPERLING, DR. ABRAHAM P. - How to make Psychology Work for You;

STAFFORD-CLARK, DAVID – Psychiatry Today;

STEBBING, L. SUSAN – Thinking to Some Pupose;

STEINER, HEIRI/ GEBSER, JEAN – Anxiety: a Condition of Modern Man;

STEKEL, DR. WILHELM – The Meaning and Psychology of Dreams;

STENGEL, ERWIN – Suicide and Attempted Suicide;

STORR, ANTHONY – The Integrity of the Personality;

SUTTIE, IAN D. - The Origins of Love and Hate;

SZASZ, DR. THOMAS S. - Ideology and insanity: essays on the Psychiatric Dehumanization of Man; *** The Manufacture of madness: a Comparative Study of the Inquistion and the Mental Health Movement;

SZEDNIK, ALEX M. - Anatomy of a Psycho: Complete with Clinical Records;

TAWNEY, DR. HOWARD D./ BENSON, BEN – Hypnosis and You;

TAYLOR, JOHN G. - The Shape of Minds to Come (Report onthe Mind-mechanics of the future.);

THOMSON, ROBERT – The Psychology of Thinking;

THOULESS, ROBERT H. - Stright and Crooked Thinking;

THRUELESEN, RICHARD/ KOBLER, JOHN (eds.) - Adventures of the Mind;

TORREY, E. FULLER – The Mind Game; Witch Doctors andPsychiatrists;

TYLER, LEONA E. - Intelligence: Some Recurring Issues;

TYRRELL, G.N.M. - The Personality of Man;

VERNON, M.D. - The Psychology of Perception;

VISCOTT, DR. DAVID S. - The Making of a Psychiatirst;

WACHTEL, DR. CURT S. - A Doctor's Personal File;

WATTS, ALAN W. - The Book: on the Taboo Against Knowning Who You Are; *** Psychotherapy East and West;

WITTENBERG, RUDOLPH – Common Sense about Psychoanalysis;


WOOLF, LEONARD – After the Deluge: a Study of Communal Psychology;

YELLOWLEES, HENRY – To Define True Madness: Common Sense Psychiatry for Lay People;



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( PHONE; 1-204-346-3674 ); or ( FAX; 1-204-346-1632 ) ] (2) *** We accept payment thru PAYPAL = **** Payments using PAYPAL are to be made to = (3) MONEY ORDERS or CERTIFIED BANK CHECKS; [Note; We have a USA Bank Account; THUS we CAN accept USA domestic MONEY ORDER's (7-11, Western union, post office, etc)! >>[For USA buyers = international MO's are NOT required! So do not waste money on the extra fees! ] >>[Foreign orders, MUST send International MO's only; Or MO's drawn on a USA or Canada address] (4) CASH (Maximum of $50.00 for safety; We do NOT accept responsibility for "LOST" cash, as we do not know if you actually sent it; But 99.9% does arrives safely; Please send NO money in coins, as it rips envelopes); ( 5 ) PERSONAL or Business CHECKS; [From USA & CANADA ONLY; *** $50.00 or less, we ship immediately; *** Checks from $50.01-$200.00 = (CANADA takes 2 weeks to clear, before we will ship)(USA takes 4 weeks to clear, before we will ship); *** Checks from $201 & up = (Canada takes 3 weeks to clear, before we will ship)(USA takes 6 weeks to clear, before we will ship); eBay Buyers with excellent feedback over +100 we will accept check to $100 without waiting to clear; NO Exceptions, due to bad experiences!];

*** [ It is recommended that you provide your Phone Number {with area code} to put on your parcel, in case Post Office needs to contact you ]***

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>> Our WEB PAGE; [with HUGE Inventory of COMICS, Magazines, Books & other Collectibles IN STOCK;

WORLD'S BIGGEST Selection, on the Entire INTERNET, for MANY items! If you see items of interest, ASK for current Availiability, Price & Condition ] =

I am Douglas W. Sulipa, an Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide SENIOR ADVISOR for 33 years {since Guide #2 way back in 1972; See Overstreet #32-35 on page 9 & 10 to confirm}; >> Read my MARKET REPORTS; (in the New Overstreet 2005 Annual #35, pages 94 thru 109, and see our AD on page 172);

And MY REPORTS in (Overstreet 2004 Annual #34, pages 89-100)(Overstreet 2003 Annual #33, pages 86-95)(Overstreet 2002 Annual #32, pages 72-81)(Overstreet 2001 Annual #31 on pages 64-75);

>>> ( Do not waste money on Global Priority, because to Canada, it is NOT any faster than Airmail )

>> We have IN STOCK; [ 1,300,000 COMICS, 1950's thru 2004, & some Older, with 95% of everything ALL Publishers & titles from 1960-2004 ]

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Condition Scale, from Best at top, to worst at bottom; >> [Note plus "+" and Minus "-" Grades are not in common use, except on more expensive comics!] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MT = (10.0 Mint); Absolutly Flawless in every way. Mostly a fantasy grade. Out of the 30 to 50 BILLION Comics so far Printed, so far only about 1000 Comics in Total grade a strict 10.0 or Perfect Mint; *** [ Imagine that you had 50 hours to pick the Single Best Copy, out of 5000 Copies on the DAY the item was printed, THAT copy MIGHT approach MINT; But if you could find the Tiniest of Flaws, inside or outside, where "It could be ever so slightly better", then it is NOT Mint. Less than 1 in 5000 collectors, will have a single book in their entire collection that grades MINT; At this time there is ONLY ONE comic in the World, Pre-1980 that is considered MINT; The current market value of a CGC graded 10.0 MT copy, is 50-100 Times Guide 9.2 price]; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MT- (9.9) = MINT minus = Virtually FLAWLESS in EVERY Way, inside & outside. Might have only the tiniest of Flaws, almost microscopic in size, & probably not visible to the Human Eye, except to the most trained experts. [ current market value of a CGC 9.9 MT- copy, is 15-50 Times Guide 9.2 price] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NM/MT (9.8) = NEAR MINT to MINT; Only about (1 in 100) to (1 in 1000) Extremely Carefully Hand-Picked still Brand NEW items can attain this Lofty essentially Flawless Grade. Only the tiniest of nearly invisible flaws is allowed. The untrained eye will not be able to see a flaw.

[ current market value of a CGC graded 9.8 NM/MT copy, is about 6-20 Times Guide 9.2 price ] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NM+ (9.6) = NEAR MINT plus; Superb & Almost Flawless example. BETTER than MOST items when still Brand NEW on the Newsstands; MOST Brand New comics on day of release are not this high in grade. IF you get to hand-pick the BEST copy availiable out of about 50 copies upon day of Release, you will likely have a NM+; [ current market value of a CGC graded 9.6 NM+ copy, is about 4-10 Times Guide 9.2 price] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NM = (9.4 Near Mint); This grade is NO LONGER listed in the Overstreet Annual Guide, due to the scarcity. [9.2 is currently the TOP guide grade] NM copies are almost LIKE NEW, & almost flawless. Most 1976-1985 items are SCARCE in this grade, if Strictly graded. Most 1975 & Older items are RARE in this grade, if Strictly graded. [Most 1975 & Older Non-Marvel/DC Super-Hero comics are VERY RARE in this grade, MANY with NO KNOWN copies in 9.4 condition]; We Rarely use this grade on our regular inventory, even on Original Un-Used Warehouse copies. [Unlike many dealers who incorrectly throw the grade around like they are common. If another dealer is NOT charging a premium for this grade, it is probably not a "True" NM]; Even MANY

older Pedigree collection & File copies are not this high in grade [Most older File-Copies are more in the 9.0 condition range];

>>> Essentially in Hand-Picked AS NEW, Never Read, Never handled & immediately Bagged and BOARDED Condition; With only the tinest of Flaws, usually not apparent to the Un-Trained Eye. [About 50% of the BRAND NEW Comics Printed, do not quite Grade STRICT Near Mint, upon the Day they are released. IF you get to pick the BEST copy availiable oot of about 10 copies upon day of Release, you will likely then have a NM ]; **** [ current market value of a CGC graded 9.4 NM Copy, is about 3-6 Times Guide 9.2 price ] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NM- (9.2) = Near Mint minus; Currently the HIGHEST grade listed in the Overstreet Annual Guide. This is about the AVERAGE condition for a NON hand-Picked comics that is still Brand-New on day of release. Flaws usually include; 1-2 NON Sharp corners OR 1-2 very tiny STRESS marks on spine or elsewhere on comic. **** [ Current market value of a CGC graded 9.2, NM- Copy, is about 2 to 4 Times Guide 9.2 price ] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VF/NM (9.0) Very Fine to Near Mint; >>> This is the condition the average NEW ITEM is in on DAY 2-14 after New Release (after packing, shipping, sorting & NORMAL handling by Distributors, Store Keepers & Customers); Flaws usually include; 1-3 NON Sharp corners OR 1-4 small STRESS marks on spine or elsewhere on comic. Might have a small dinged corner. Might have minor spine kinks. Might have MINOR handling wear or MINOR rubbing or shelfwear. [Often mistaken as NM or NM+ to the untrained eye]; **** [ current market value of a CGC graded 9.0, VF/NM Copy, is about 1.5 to 3 Times Guide 9.2 price ] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VF+ (8.5) VERY FINE plus; Basically an overall NM appearance, but with several minor flaws, as described in the 9.0 description. A Scarce "High Grade" for most 1975 & older item's; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VF = (8.0 Very Fine); Nearly AS NEW copy, usually normal minor handling or shelf wear. Most of our Un-Read Original Warehouse copies fall in this catagory, usually with only minor shelf wear. [ This is the AVERAGE grade for an UN-Used condition example, or moderately well cared for, comic & magazine of the 1980-1990 period. Most 1980's Collectors did NOT use STIFF Back-Boards with their comic bags on 1985 & older

comics, thus many small flaws have accumulated on MOST copies on the market & even in MOST Original Owner collections]; *** [ Many inexperienced sellers, VERY commonly Mis-Grade FN/VF or VF copies as NM or "Mint" on eBay; Many INCORRECTLY assume if they bought it new & are Original Owner, it has to be "Mint"]; A Scarcer "High Grade" for most 1975 & older item's; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VF- (7.5) VERY FINE minus; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FN/VF = (7.0) FINE to VERY FINE; a Beautiful & WELL Above Average example on most items over 20 years old.The beginning of "Higher Grade" for most items 1975 & older. An Un-Common Grade for most 1975 & older item's; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FN+ = (6.5) FINE+ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FN = (6.0 Fine); Above Average condition, for any comic Pre-1973; a NICE example. NO major problems. Nice, Clean, Solid & still very attractive example. Average Used condition for comics & magazines of the 1976-1984 period. Possibly an Un-Read Copy, with light handling, shelfwear, or rubbing wear. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FN- (5.5) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VG/FN (5.0) = VERY GOOD to FINE! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VG+ (4.5); - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VG = (4.0 Very Good); Decent average used condition example. No major flaws. Usually a few Reading Stress Lines, & light edgewear, or minor creasing at corners. Occasionally only a minor amount of Hidden & Non-Obvious Magic Tape repairs usually inside the covers; (Magic Tape is not allowed

on FN or higher grades, unless with specific special mention); AVERAGE Used Condition Copy, still Collectible & still Attractive with Nice Eye Appeal. This is the average condition that 1964-1975 Comics & Magazines are found in! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VG- (3.5); - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - G/VG = (3.0) GOOD to VERY GOOD! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - G+ (2.5); - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - G = (2.0 Good); Well Used, but still COMPLETE, & intact, but not badly abused copy; Great as a still DECENT Reading Copy; Appears to have been Read lovingly several times. Still relatively attractive & NOT De-Faced. NO big chucks out, or NO severe damage. Minor to Moderate amounts of Magic tape Repairs are common & often present in this grade, but should not detract too much from the "Look"

or appeal of the cover. (Defects might include, one or more of the following; Possible Creases to covers, Cover Partly splitting at spine, light to moderate stains, tears in cover at edges, some soiling to covers, bumped corners, cover wrinkles, minor small pieces out, etc); This is the average condition that 1933-1963 Comics, Magazines & other items are found in. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - G- (1.8); - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FA/G = (1.5) FAIR to GOOD! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FA = (1.0 Fair); Very Heavily Used & "Beat Up" Copy, but still complete; Cover is no longer attractive & most wear & tear is usually to the covers. Interior is typically much better; (Defects might include, one or more of the following; Writing, creases, rips, Defaced front cover, Stains, Water Damage, heavy tape repairs, fragile covers or pages, cover plit spine, detatched cover, possibly 5-15% of cover missing, etc); Still great as a Cheap Reading Copy! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PR/FA = POOR to FAIR! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PR = (0.5 Poor); Horrible condition, nearly destroyed, usually NOT complete, pieces out, badly defaced, possibly big chunks of cover missing, etc. Special notes & descriptions usually stated. Often has 3 out of 4 stories complete, & might be partly readable. Often useful in repairing other copies.A "filler" copy at best, until a better copy comes along.


>> Our WEB PAGE; [with HUGE Inventory of COMICS, Magazines, Books & other Collectibles IN STOCK;

WORLD'S BIGGEST Selection, on the Entire INTERNET, for MANY items! If you see items of interest, ASK for current Availiability, Price & Condition ] =

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>> I am a strict and accurate grader. I do NOT overgrade or undergrade. I just try to grade as accurately as the current Professional Dealer market dictates. Unfortunately most sellers DO NOT know how to grade accurately especially when dealing with comic books (which has been my main specialty since 1971). >> I also pack all shipments VERY WELL , to avoid damage in transit; >>We have been selling by Mail Order since 1971; We are CBG customer service award winners; I am an Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, Senior Price Advisor, since Guide #2 in 1972, ONE of only 12 advisors to reach the Over 25 Year status; SATISFACTION IS ALWAYS GUARANTEED! ** [Return anything you are NOT happy with, within 7 days of the day you receive the parcel. Wrap well & clearly, in large letters, on outside of parcel, put "Returning Goods to Sender" = This is REQUIRED, to avoid Customs Hassles & Long Delays]; (The ONLY exception for Returns, is CGC professionally graded comics, these are NOT returnable, as with CGC you know in advance, what you will be getting) >>> [WE HAVE an eBay 99.98% SATISFACTION RATE, with over 1800 Positive Feedbacks] >> Superb Service for OVER 33 years; For the last 5 years, our average is well UNDER $25.00 in returns, per each $10,000. in Sales (1/4 of One percent) & most of those are Customer Errors!!! >>> MAIL ORDER since 1971, with OVER 25,000 DIFFERENT Satisfied Customers, with over 250,000 completed Mail Orders!

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